Residenza Acqualuce

Un bosco selvatico e un bosco domato

A steep slope overlooking the Lake of Locarno becomes the worksite for a forest. A large crane lifts the trees with the balled roots, so that they can be planted at high altitudes and reconstruct the vegetation that is the backdrop of the Acqualuce Residence. The hands of gardeners carefully strap the plants in place, ensuring that they will undergo no damage during the ascent: the macro-bonsai pines, designed to remain motionless, instead are involved in the extreme movement of flight. The natural forest of yew, birch and Acer campestre is restored and reinterpreted with elements of the Japanese forest.
In this way, a wild forest and a tamed forest are intertwined.
With the spontaneous development of the existing plants, Frassinago has blended, by contrast, the sculptural and designed volumes of pine trees treated and grown with the art of the Bonsai technique, together with carefully shaped maples and azaleas. The only variation that this static garden will generate will be, during the winter, the
flowering of the camellias. Our designs are site-specific, respecting the forms of the landscape and adapting them to the desires of the customer.