ABS Palace

A pause from the light of the desert

Frassinago has embraced the challenge of designing greenery for an important resident in the landscape of Riyadh. An environment that is different both for climate and culture, in which the garden assumes important symbolic meaning: it is a place of beauty and shelter.Listening to the desires and interpreting the tradition, Frassinago has designed a seven-garden path within a property of four hectares. Each garden has its own particular function for the life of the family and all of them are connected by a path winding its way through the greenery, where one can stroll for quite some time, always encountering something new. 
Within the high walls that separate it and protect it from the development of the city, areas of lush vegetation alternate with resting and reflection areas with pools of water, coverings, carpets and pillows. Two botanical gardens announced by hedges with formal and graphic designs reveal organic growth within. Here the various species weave together, producing shade: a shelter from the temperatures of the Arabian desert.All around, the light assumes the warm tones of the earth, of the stones and the buildings: the infinite horizon under the grey and orange sky is to be viewed with half-closed eyes. When the garden will have reached its complete growth, the greenery will generate a pause from the constant light, a welcome rest under the generous shade of the palms.