Ceccotti Collezioni

Interior, Temporary, Milan, 2019
The lush vegetation surrounding Brazilian houses: this was the inspiration for the design of the greenery for the Ceccotti stand at the 2019 Milan Furniture Fair. The space, designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla, is reminiscent of the sophisticated and eccentric interiors of South American modernism. Each of the three rooms is themed around a nuance of colours: turquoise and aquamarine for the day area, terracotta and Sienna for the living area, and cobalt blue tones for the night area. Frassinago set up three showcases, as if they were windows overlooking a thick jungle of Strelitzia nicolai, Philodendron, and Monstera, while introducing different essences for each room: the bright, grey-silvery tones of eucalyptus for the day area, red and dark purple Phormium for the living area, finally the dark greens veined by the white ribs of Alocasia for the night area.