Fidenza Village

Commercial, Hospitality, Fidenza, 2018
A walk in Italy: for the restyling of Fidenza Village, Frassinago proposed an idea of enveloping greenery, in which shopping turns into a relaxing experience, in the shade of oaks, holm oaks, magnolias, plane trees. The image of Italian landscape and culture is evoked through a choice of essences that are reminiscent of the typical vegetation of the different areas of the country, from north to south. From camellias and azaleas, which bloom around the pre-alpine lakes, to strawberry trees, gardenia, pittosporo, and Chamaerops, typical of the Mediterranean coasts, up to the Cycas which, originally from Japan, spread in the noble gardens of southern Italy. Pergolas furnished with rugs, sofas, and wicker armchairs mark the walk, creating relaxation areas immersed in coolness, welcoming and sheltering just like in your home garden.

Exhibition and interior design by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners.