Royal palace

Garden, Riyadh, Work in Progress
Frassinago accepted the challenge of designing the greenery for an important residence in the Riyadh landscape. A different environment for climate and culture, in which the garden takes on important symbolic meanings: it is a place of beauty and shelter. By listening to the requests and interpreting tradition, Frassinago designed a path of seven gardens within a four-hectare property. Each has its own particular function for the life of the family and all are connected by a path for walks among the greenery, where you can walk for a long time while always encountering something new. Within the high walls that separate and protect from the development of the city, areas of lush vegetation alternate with areas of rest and reflection with bodies of water, sails, rugs, and cushions. Two botanical gardens announced by hedges with a formal and graphic design reveal an interior of organic growth. Here, different species intertwine casting shadows: a shelter from the temperatures of the Saudi desert. When the garden will reach its full completion, the greenery will generate a break from the constant sunlight, a welcome rest in the generous shade of the palm trees

Interior design by Gallery Design Ryiadh.