Sunset Villa

Garden, Residential, Garda, 2022
Latched on the Venetian shore of Lake Garda, a new residential complex develops emerging on the hillside. Establishing a bond with the luxuriant landscape of olive and cypress trees, Frassinago were involved in the project right from the construction phase, conceiving a structural green appearance, almost transforming concrete into rock. The artificial slopes covered with creeping rosemary return to be part of the hill and at the same time frame the views of the house facing the lake. Mantles of Phillyrea and Teucrium shrubs envelop the access roads to the villa and the backfills with dark and silver tones: during the winter, the lighter tones of the Teucrium become almost pure white, recovering and amplifying the reverberation of light on the waters of the lake. After the construction site, the landscape returns, even more intensely, to populate the shore.

Architecture by Jacopo Mascheroni Architecture