La luce cangiante delle foglie

For Flos at Euroluce 2017, the International Lighting Salon of Milan, Frassinago has created a poplar grove and brought it inside a trade fair exhibition space, whose boundaries expand thanks to the play of light. Just like they do on the banks of the rivers and channels of the Po Valley, the poplars rise up from the ground, reaching different heights, even beyond the threshold of the ceiling of the pavilion. Moved by the air and illuminated by the light of Flos, the shimmering leaves of Populus tremula oscillate between the green of the upper part of the blade and the lower part, which is covered with a delicate white down, glittering in silvery tones, just like in the open countryside.
In the spring, another kind of down, that of the pappi, the wisps of fluffy substance that carry the seeds over a vast radius, rises in the air. At the foot of the poplars, bushes of sedge, plants that are resilient to the flow of water. Nature enters the black box of the staging and brings you the contrast between the regular grid of the trunks and the variation of the foliage, elegant and orderly: the movement of plants of the Lombardy countryside.