FLOS — La luce cangiante delle foglie

2017-04-09 — Milano

Frassinago designs the greenery for Flos at Euroluce 2017, the International Lighting Exhibition.

A poplar grove, like the ones you see along the rivers and canals of the Po Valley, is brought within an exhibition space and, helped by the play of lights, it blends and blurs its boundaries.
A poor plant, an Italian plant, a plant with a graphic quality – the lower sides of the leaves of Populus alba have a slight white hairiness that shimmers with silvery tones under the light.

As in the countryside, the poplars rise from the ground up to different heights, even beyond the threshold of the stand ceiling. Like in fluvial environments, bushes of sedge rise at the lower level, plants resilient to water movement.

By sharing experiences and trying different solutions, Frassinago and the development team of the Flos product have searched together for the best lighting effect for the different species of plants chosen. Thanks to this work in concert, in a black box you can admire the contrast between the regular tangle of the stems and the unpredictable variations of the new leaves.