Movements in Plants — Acer

2017-12-05 — Bologna
The fruit of the maple tree develops as two side-by-side, symmetrical samaras, which compose a propeller called a disamara.

The maple tree is a ductile plant, suitable to a variety of climates. In spring its buds reveal multilobate leaves, of a brilliant summer green that become golden yellow or red in the autumn. During winter the maple tree becomes barren, showing its sculptural trunks and branches.

In the new project by Frassinago, maple is the undisputed protagonist. Surrounding House K, in Montagnola in the Ticino, in the the early days of autumn the leaves of the maple trees are still green, and they stand out against the grey sky of early October. Instead, on a Roof Garden in Lugano, exposed to thermal excursion, the leaves of maple trees in pots show off the warmest tonalities.

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