A tenacious and fragrant garden

On the summit of a high peak in the Umbrian hills, in the midst of a dense and shady Turkey oak forest, the Casavalle estate comes into view. Frassinago has designed a garden that marries it to the surrounding landscape, with cypresses, holm oaks, mountain maples and new, young Turkey oaks, making the apparition of the entrance gate less sudden. Beyond this threshold, a large lawn oriented toward a terrace is revealed in full light: the view goes from an undulating horizon on one side, to sculptures that will gradually inhabit the garden on the other.
Descending some steps, one finds a more intimate garden of trees and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean that encircle the pool, just grazing the panorama: thanks to the mosaic background of earth tones, it transforms itself into a lake wrapped in lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Russian sage (Perovskia), Pennisetum orientale “Karley Rose”, Phlomis italica. In this place, the wind blows all year round, so tenacious and fragrant plants have been chosen, which unite with the rugged roses and with the Annabelle hydrangeas planted around the light stone residence. White, violet, blue and silver tones to illuminate the greenery.