Frigerio Salotti

The bright room

For the new headquarters of Frigerio Salotti, company specialising in design and handcrafted furniture, Frassinago has conceived – already during the construction phase of the building – an internal landscape of tall Ficus benjamin exotica, planted directly with their roots in the natural soil.In this way, the trees seem to grow directly from the flooring of the double-height hall, their leaves mirroring on the walls of white polished marble. Climbing the steps that lead to the offices, one is able to walk among the foliage overlooking the large eastern windows: the direct light of the morning becomes, in the afternoon, more subdued, disseminated throughout the environment.
Greenery continues to enter even in the work spaces, overlooking small windowed courtyards where magnolias grow. The zenith light is refracted in the green and multiplies its presence thanks to transparent and mirroring surfaces that separate the offices: the shadows of the leaves vibrate on the walls and on the furnishings, the silhouettes of the branches create graphic patterns. Nature wraps, in a constant yet discreet way, every moment.