Villa Orizzonte

Garden, Residential, Ferrara, 2021
The landscape of the plain, characterised by fields and embankments, is the horizon against which Frassinago's project for a family villa is compared. The passage between the rooms that make up the single-storey white volume is marked by large trees. Holm oaks, maples, elms were chosen after a long work of observation and selection in nurseries throughout Italy, combining the compositional needs and preferences of those who will live in the house. A balance of evergreen and deciduous trees to make the passing of the seasons tangible, but above all plants identified for their particularities, imperfections that make them unique, like sculptural bodies, living forms.In order to plant these mature trees of great height, it was necessary to wait for their vegetative rest, gently extract them from the ground and prepare them to be newly planted. Earth-moving machines, trucks, cranes did the heavy lifting, and then stopped to wait for the installation: suspended in mid-air, the plants were bandaged so as not to scratch their trunks, while their best orientation was assessed with meticulous attention, in connection with the windows and the viewing points from the house.A long, patient, careful construction site.

Architecture by UNICA Architects