Frigerio Headquarter

Headquarter, Interior, Mariano Comense, 2019
For the new headquarters of Frigerio Salotti, Frassinago conceived – still in the construction phase of the building – an internal landscape of tall Ficus benjamin "Exotica", planted directly with the roots in the natural soil. The trees come out of the double-height lobby floor, their leaves reflect on the marble walls, white and shiny. And by climbing the stairs leading to the offices, you find yourself walking among their foliage. The interaction with greenery continues in the work spaces, overlooking windowed courtyards where tall magnolias grow. The zenithal light refracts in the greenery and multiplies its presence thanks to the transparent and mirroring surfaces that separate the offices: the shadows of the leaves vibrate on the walls and furnishings; the silhouettes of the branches draw graphic motifs. Nature, constant and discreet, envelops every moment.