House K

Garden, Lugano, 2017
Overlooking the Lake of Lugano, House K is a strong presence in dark cement, whose black pigmentation is more pronounced in the light of the sun and fades into the grey sky of autumn. Behind this rigorous form, a large rock that emerges from the mountain and a forest on a steep slope. Beech (Fagus “Atropurpurea”), oak (Quercus palustris), Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur), Liriodendron tulipifera: Frassinago has recovered the majestic pre-existing trees, also recreating the undergrowth with ferns, vinca, wild viburnum. The forest, the rock, the new large maples seem to enter the house, thanks to the large windows, with shots of green light crossing the rooms from one part to the other. Next to the entrance threshold, a small forest of maples and oaks, various ranges of green in the spring, in autumn illuminated by warm hues of red and yellow. The solid presence of the house is thus set in motion by the natural elements that surround it.