Building Green Future - exhibition dedicated to sustainable architecture and thinking

2019-09-23 — Bologna
Through a paper sculpture, which like a tree creeps into the large hall of the historic building, the viewer will discover a design philosophy that starting from the places, the complicity with the environment, climate and nature, seeks to respond to the environmental challenges of the present and the needs of future generations, through empathic architectures, which make innovation the result of a creative mixture of past and present green future inspired by plants.

And it will be the plants, the work of Frassinago – Gardens and Landscapes, a company from Bologna that has raised the aesthetic quality and design consistency of green spaces in Italy and abroad, to enrich the exhibition. Plants are the example to look at and the allies to have to ensure the survival and prosperity of man on earth.

Open to the public from 23rd to 28th of September
“Centre for the Didactics of the Arts”, Via Cartoleria n° 9, Bologna

Free entry.